Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmathon 2014: Smriti, the Egg faced Mantri

Smriti the egg-faced Mantri
had a very long, long nose,
and every time she lies,
One inch longer it grows.
All of the other Mantris,
used to laugh and call her names,
they never let poor Smriti,
play in any right wing games!

Then one smoggy Good Governance Eve,
Modi came to say,
"Smriti with your nose so long,
why don't you sing a Sanghi song"
Then how the mantris loved her,
as she flashed her fake Yale Degree,
Smriti, the egg-faced Mantri,
is distorting texts of Indian History!

(Note: Our next carol is "Modi Claus is Coming to Town....on an Adani Jet")

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What an awesome post. A true must read.