Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Vivekean Blogathon

Hey dudes and the rest of mankind....I, Vivek Pereira, will be blogging away to glory this extended weekend (including Monday which is a holiday for me). This Vivekean blogathon should cover several relevant topics and issues of interest to those who have vision and values. Vision, valour and values will be the focal point of these blogs. So, feel free to comment on them. Be at your critical best. I certainly won't mind. Some of my friends have promised to contribute. So, the Vivekean Times is the place to visit online this weekend!!!


  1. Hey, blog away with me to the Neverland that makes you happy wherever it may be!!!

  2. Hey Vivek..I'm online as promised...Why don't you get on with it....May the bloggings begin....I hereby declare the Vivekean Blogathon open!!!

  3. Hey this blogathon hasn't ended. In fact, it is still at the initial stages. There is a lot more I intent to write about including the Keenan Santos tragedy.

  4. here should be something as a Monkathon

  5. Your blogathon cannot last more than my fast at Ramlila.

  6. This blogathon is better than any fast Annaji has ever taken.

  7. I managed to make a monkey out of myself during this blogathon!!!

  8. One advice. Please write for the betterment of womankind.

  9. What an amazing blogathon this has been!

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