Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmathon 2014: I'm dreaming of a Swachh Bharat

Welcome to our Christmathon! This year we celebrate this joyous occasion with the proper fine-tuning of our content that is desperately needed, given the changed political climate in our country. So, we have modified some of the popular Christmas Carols and poems for the benefit of our more "patriotic" readers. 

All school and college students are supposed to learn these poems and songs online on Good Governance Day i.e. 25th December, which by a strange coincidence happens to be a major festival of non-Indian origin that has been imported from the West i.e. Israel.

Here's a sample verse:

I'm dreaming of a Swachh Bharat,
Just like the one we never knew;
Where history books burn,
and children heads turn
to hear the sound of riots from which they eschew!

I'm dreaming of a Swachh Bharat,
With every Good Governance essays we write;
May your diet be veggie and teetotaled,
and may all your Good Governance days be DRY!!

Dear Readers, here's wishing you all a Merry Good Governance Day and a Swachh New Year!

(Note: Our next carol is entitled  'Smriti the egg-faced Mantri')

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