Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Special Focus on the Horrific Vyapam Scam and the Murderous Right Wing Nexus in Madhya Pradesh

The sinister Vyapam scam has blown the lid off the hollow claims of the RSS and the BJP of being the protectors of Hindus and of being “true nationalists” as against the “treachery of pseudo-secular” politicians and “deshdrohi” minorities. Yes, the Hindutva brigade and their cronies have been massacring HINDUS (most of whom are ex-RSS recruits) in large numbers in Madhya Pradesh to cover up the massive corruption of the local BJP Government and the Sangh Parivar in the Vyapam Scam.

It’s a well known fact that the origins of the Vyapam scam lay in the covert policy of the BJP Government more than a decade ago to hand over degrees and jobs on a platter to the offspring of RSS and BJP leaders. The modus operandi was simple. A student impersonator, an ex-student or a bright peer, would be paid handsomely to write the answers at the designated examination centre for the undeserving student whose parents could bestow special favours or money to the student as well as the state education and government officials. Fake ID cards, spare class rooms, blank answer sheets, and a knowledgeable impersonator all formed the nucleus of this scam.

But the scam grew over the years to humongous proportions and even stretched beyond the right-wing mafia to contaminate the entire political and educational systems, law enforcement agencies and even the state judiciary. The children of politicians, judges and policemen have all benefited with educational qualifications and jobs, dangerously compromising these democratic institutions. Many deserving students have failed exams or not got jobs because of these scamsters, which caused a number of bravehearts aka whistleblowers to reveal the rot in the system at the risk of their precious lives.

No less than the governor, Ram Naresh Yadav, the former education minister, the ex-private secretary of the chief minister of the state, Shivraj Chauhan, and the BJP chief minister himself have been accused of being the ring leaders of the scam. The son of the Governor, a Congress appointee, has been killed and it was learnt that money had actually changed hands within the official residence of this dignitary. Confidential software including Excel sheets expose the misdoings of these top politicians and their cronies.

However, the Vyapam scam has taken a turn for the worse with the murder of more than 50 persons in the past 2-3 years that coincided with the rollout of the state-level probe by the cornered BJP government. These victims were either accused or witnesses, and all have died mysteriously with more than 10 deaths reported as “suicide” contrary to available evidences.meanwhile the state government and judiciary carried on an unfair, dishonest probe that moved at a snail's pace.

A typical example of the rampant killings and cover-ups was the case of Namrata Damor who had been caught for cheating a few days before her mutilated corpse was found on the railway tracks in a remote part of Madhya Pradesh. Three highly experienced doctors who examined her unidentified corpse and performed the first mortem came to the conclusion that it was murder by asphyxiation and strangling. They clearly mentioned it in their report after which her body was cremated. 

However, later on her identity was established and a second report done three months later by Dr Badkur which was based on mere photographic evidence (and not on any physical examination of the body) came to the incredulous conclusion that the first report was wrong and the case was not of homicide but of suicide. Also, with a mere glance of the photograph, the doctor goes on to state even more ridiculously that the victim was mentally disturbed because of failure in love and annoyance of her parents. By the way, it was a post mortem report.

Interestingly, the same Dr. Badkur (alternatively spelled as Badkul) also performed the post mortem in the death of high-profile RTI activist and former BJP insider, Shehla Masood, who was shot dead by assailants on a bike. Even her post mortem was changed from murder to suicide due to the criminal intervention of the same Dr. Badkur who has become a master of post mortem fudging. There is a need for a fresh probe on the murder of Shehla Masood who “had just received information that could shake the government in Madhya Pradesh to its core." Check out more details of her death and coverup at and

Despite my exposure of the complicity of Dr. Badkur in both these deaths, the mainstream national media has maintained a stoic silence on this issue. Hopefully, better sense prevails with the growing international media attention these cases have attracted.

And the right-wing murders don’t stop here. Yesterday the ninth key witness in the Asaram rape case was attacked and became the third victim to succumb to his wounds. A gullible electorate is willing to forgive and forget the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the riot massacres across India, the bomb blasts in Malegaon and  the Samjhauta Express and the bloody killings of RTI activists as well as key witnesses in the Vyapam scam and Asaram case. As long as we continue to vote for murderers, rapists and communal bigots, so omnipresent in the current political dispensation, then we must bid adieu to the false promises of Acche Din and good governance!


parkerd said...

Wow. Things are looking pretty bad in India right now. MP seems to be steeped in corruption with a mafia-like situation arising. It's right wing terror. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Oh scary parkerd. Are you a Chetan Bhagat kind of troll? Dr Badkur will fix you all up!

Vivek Pereira said...

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