Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine’s Day Blues

 (I present before you once again that lovely poem I wrote last year for Valentine's Day. I had composed it literally overnight for the Bandra Buzz, our local newspaper.)

Tears streamed down his face again

As Valentine’s Day approached;

For on that day a year ago

David’s heart had been crushed.

His Valentine had ditched him then

And mated with his foe;

It had taken him a really long time

To recover from this blow.

So, David vowed to shun this day

But Fate had other plans,

For he consented to a Blind Date theme:

A dinner and a dance.

And there she was in front of him

A damsel blessed with grace;

‘Twas her smile our hero loved the best

It beautified her face.

They strolled out together arm in arm,

Two strangers so in love;

He whispered sweet nothings to her

Then presented a clay dove.

“Take this bird and remember me,”

David told his Valentine;

“For I shall be forever yours,

And, my dear, you shall be mine.”


  1. True love shall certainly stand the test as the good old bard said.

  2. Man, this is some cool stuff or what?

  3. nice...!!

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  4. Hey thanks Nikita. I checked out your site and it's good.

  5. Hey guys. Shashi Tharoor retweeted my tweet (that contained a link to this page) to his millions of followers. Some of them praised it on twitter. For those who don't know him, Shashi Tharoor is a high-profile Congress Politician who is an ex-Minister and who came close to becoming the UN Secretary General. He rocks!


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