Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Great Indian THEM-OCRACY - Here's to a glorious future in a Banana Republic!

Hey, now it's officially confirmed that India is a Banana Republic. The details of the Essar Leaks scandal have finally blown the lid off the subterfuge. Our democracy is a joke! In fact, it is actually a THEM-OCRACY. Read in sync with the Radia tapes controversy and recent press reports, I declare that whichever government is at the helm, whether it is a BJP, Congress, Left, AAP or any other formation, India will still remain a Banana Republic, at least for a while. And here's why I say this:

1) The details of the Essar and Radia scandals reveal that even Union Budget decisions, ministry formations and important government policies are decided by big corporates . What's more? It shows that even the judgment of a supreme court judge was bought in the 2G corruption case (We already know that the CBI director had taken money from guilty parties in the case) and journalists are being paid to write news articles in favour of politicians and large business houses.
2) There is no such thing as privacy in India - if the phones of Ambani, Amitabh Bacchan, Ministers and the National Security Advisor can be tapped, then what hope is there for the common man?
3) Rajya Sabha tickets have been proved to be bought and sold in black like movie tickets ( all across the country).
4) The topper of a leading Political Science exam in Bihar did not know what the subject was about - it was found out later that the toppers had paid money for their prestigious position and failed the retest.
5) Several Indian citizens including a senior minister of India's 'most nationalistic' party are still communicating with the anti national terrorist Dawood Ibrahim who is the main culprit behind the Mumbai serial blasts.
6) CBI is now the CCBI or Clean Chit Bureau of Investigation. Its latest clean chit is in the Vyapam Scam where it claims that there is no criminal conspiracy although 51 people (witnesses and investigators) have died tragically and mysteriously, the latest being a senior police official who was hit by a speeding car earlier this week itself!
7) The CBI, ED, IT, NIA, RAW, IB and other investigating agencies have become puppets in the hands of their masters - The remote has only passed from the hands of Sonia to the hands of Modi - everything else is same - the match fixing, the clean chits, etc as is evident in the Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter Controversy.
8) David Headley, one of the most dreaded terrorist involved in the plotting of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks was given immunity by Ajit Doval for 'revealing' what everybody knew and the nation does not want to know - why?
9) Most of our ministers and elected representatives across the country are murderers, rapists, kidnappers and thieves (the Indian citizen is fully to be blamed for this ).
10) Only 10% of those involved in heinous crimes, including those responsible for violent acts of terrorism and for rapes and murders in major riots, are pronounced guilty and most of them get only 10% of the severity of the sentence which they deserve - and that too either they are acquitted altogether (like Bhai) or get their sentences lowered in subsequent judicial reviews.
11) Governments, banks and the entire system unethically (and often illegally) shower lands, loans, largesse and loads of love on the Robert Vadras, Lalit Modis, Adanis and the Mallyas on "humanitarian grounds".

Here's to a glorious future in a Banana Republic!

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