Friday, April 10, 2015

The Fallacy and Evils of the Beef Ban

Here are a few points that expose the fallacy and evils of the Beef Ban implemented by BJP in Maharashtra and Haryana:
1) Cowslaughter was already banned 4 decades ago, but what we are protesting against is the extension of the ban to bulls and bullocks.
2) Most of us respect the religious sentiments of Hindus vis-a-vis cow worship; but the bull should not come under this category especially as the Hindi word for bull i.e. bayl is used to abuse people who don't have their own minds. How can it then be claimed that bulls are divine?
3) The leather Industry would be badly hit in Maharashtra ruining the state economy badly.
4) Lacs of people employed in the beef trade will face unemployment in Maharashtra
5) Sexual offenders face lighter jail terms than the 5 year sentence for possession of beef. In Haryana, you will be charged with manslaughter if beef is found in your possession.
6) Beef constitutes a major part of the diet of millions of people in Maharashtra (representing nearly 35% of the population) including a large number of Muslims, Christians, Parsis, Dalits and Tribals (Hindus) - they will all be deprived of the fundamental right of eating the food items of their choice.
7) Prices of non-veg food items like chicken and mutton have already increased by more than 10%.
8) Prices of vegetables could increase drastically too as people switch to a vegetarian diet.
9) Old bulls and bullocks could be let loose on the streets as the farmers would not be able to care for them after they have outlived their utility.
10) Lacs of these poor farmers will be deprived of a major source of income as they no longer will be able to sell their old cattle to beef traders.
11) The communal intent of the Maharashtra State Government stood exposed as immediately after the Beef ban was implemented, it moved against job reservations for Muslims in the state.
12) The Maharashtra and Haryana Governments have exceeded their mandates in banning the possession of meat as the slaughter could have happened in other states in which the act is perfectly legal - The law is called COW SLAUGHTER and not BEEF POSSESSION.
13) Under the leadership of Narendra Modi of the BJP, India's Annual beef exports are the world’s second-largest with lacs of cows being slaughtered legally for consumption abroad.
Isn't it hypocritical of Modi and the BJP to allow COWS to be slaughtered in India for consumption by foreigners but not allow INDIANS to eat the flesh of BULLS and BULLOCKS! This is food for thought - Modi and Fadnavis might soon even ban FOOD for thought as they continue to dish out BULLSHIT!


Anonymous said...

In western countries like mine, we treat human beings with more importance than we do animals. Never play around with human rights.

Anonymous said...

We sincerely thank all those who participated in the Anti-beef ban protest march. Certain last minute restrictions did make us change our location & timings a bit. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Nonetheless, we have put our concerns pointedly at the government and asked them to repeal the beef ban. Many of the participants told us that although they had kept away from beef all their lives, they had come out to support their compatriots as they respected their freedom of choice. They wished the Maharashtra govt to do that....i.e. respect their freedom of choice. Most of us were OK with the Cowslaughter ban imposed in 1976 but what we objected to was the extension of the act to the slaughter of bulls and bullocks. We wanted to show our solidarity with other stakeholders - farmers, beef vendors and leather traders. We were protesting against the decision also as it would adversely affect overall food prices and the Maharashtra state economy. Many of the placards were very creative and we shall share the pics soon..including on Whatsapp.

Vivek Pereira said...

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