Monday, January 12, 2015

Rose Gardens and Minefields

Rose Gardens and Minefields, a  collection of my finest poems, short stories and essays was published last month. This book was published by Leadstart/Frogbooks. It's a must-read. It will entertain and enlighten you. It shreds the veil from the face of the Dark Age. No, I'm not referring to the past dark ages but the present one where people blindly follow dictators, tyrants, terrorists, other fools (politicians, religious nuts, etc), instincts, and the evil path. Yes, the earth has become more hellish than hell itself. We use our logic in a warped manner to justify horrendous acts of violence, genocide, murder, infanticide, etc and we think we are smart. For example, oh he's a poor farmer living below the poverty line...he had to kill his young daughter because he could n't afford her dowry. If you were in his place, you would understand....Understand, my foot. This is precisely the Dark Ages, I m talking about as there is a thick cloud of bigotry which distorts our thought processes. Our reasoning is more faulty than that of the cavemen who never tried to justify their acts of violence. They just called a spade a spade......That's all folks!!!

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Vivek Pereira said...

This is yet another blast from the past.