Monday, November 24, 2014

Become an affiliate for the Exciting Novel 'Indians in Pakistan' for a rewarding experience

Dear Authors /Reviewers /Bloggers /Publishers /Readers /Bookstores /(Basically)AnybodyWithAWebsite or Blog,

Here's your chance to earn 82% of my royalties per ebook copy of 'Indians in Pakistan' sold through your website/blog links. Well, it's 11% now and as high as 82% from 1st December 2014 onwards! It can't get more rewarding than this and at no cost at all. Read this link to learn more about the Smashwords Affiliate scheme:

Of course, you can opt for many more books and your earnings will depend on the generosity of individual authors with a minimum of 11% on revenues guaranteed. You may need some time to breathe now. It's just too exciting for words. Congrats! Your website has now become a money-spinning machine! Beware, all that money spinning could leave you feeling dizzy! (You receive commissions on all purchases within a 48 hour period.)

The richness of your content and marketing skills will provide the ideal launching pad for the books of your choice - and once again let me recommend my debut novel 'Indians in Pakistan.' Let me now take this opportunity to describe this book in brief.

Based on the confessions of Ajmal Kasab, the surviving terrorist in the Mumbai attacks, and the courageous deeds of Kukka Parrey and the Ikhwan-ul –Muslimeen; Indians in Pakistan, is a fast-paced action-thriller, which explores the existence of cross border terrorism, the failure of the Pakistani state, the emotional bonding between people and the resilience of the human spirit. This exciting novel will surely entertain and enlighten you, revealing bitter truths, warped perceptions and diabolical designs, which together make the Indian subcontinent one of the most volatile and dangerous regions in the world. 

Please make sure to set the Adult Filter 'on' whenever you visit, otherwise you will not be able to view the details of my book. My book URL is It's available in every single type of ebook format to suit the reading device and smartphones used - Yes, even for iOs gadgets! You can locate my book "Indians in Pakistan" by typing its name in the Search box at the top of the page.

An example of affiliate marketing is the 'Great Books to Read' links I put up in the outer right column of this blog. It was just a 'Cut and Paste' job and I can earn 82% of the book royalties! Please note that you need to register for a Smashwords Account - the registration process is simple and quick at

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Best Regards,
Vivek Pereira

Author - Indians in Pakistan

Here's the Affiliate Program details in general i.e. not specific to my book. 

Basic program overview:
  • Earn generous commissions of 11% to 80.5% of the net sales price
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Who's Eligible to Enroll?
Anyone over age 18 is eligible. The program is ideal for:
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dorothy p said...

I have joined as affiliate for your book 'Indians in Pakistan" and hope to get huge profits. 82% of Royalty is no meager sum.

Vivek Pereira said...

Thanks, Dorothy for enrolling. I assure you that the money will start rolling in soon. Plenty of marketing efforts are underway from my end. They should be fruitful. The secret is trying to attract more traffic to your blog through Social Media efforts - more people will see the book links and buy & more earnings for all of us - including Smashwords.

Anonymous said...

hi Vivek. Nidhi Tadka from Rosewood here. Hi. I too have become the affiliate for your book for smashwords. Now all I say to smashwords is SHOW ME THE MONEY.