Sunday, June 23, 2013

Indians in Pakistan - An Exciting Novel

I smiled at the irony that while we, the trainees, were equipped with rocket launchers, AK47s and other sophisticated weaponry, the head of the mission confronted us with a measly pistol. I was still smiling as my fingers pulled the trigger. The short, bald leader collapsed in a heap. Our jeep sped away.

We left the camp that night, leaving a trail of destruction in our wake. Scores of dismembered bloody bodies lay strewn all over the place. Almost every solid structure had been reduced to rubble. Small fires flared at various places. There were a couple of big fires that lit up the night sky. But what I remember most vividly was the ghastly silence just before we left the site.

The above segment is a short extract from my soon-to-be-published novel ‘Indians in Pakistan’, an action thriller that will leave you spellbound. It will also immerse you into a totally different world in which different forces are at play as jihadis plot a rebellion against their evil masters.

Firstly, love blossoms between a male and female jihadi during the terror training itself. Then there is a sudden outburst of patriotism among the Indian jihadis at the camp. However, the camp management uses harsh tactics to keep all the jihadis in check. Will the Indians revolt? What will be the outcome? Buy the book to get these answers.

‘Indians in Pakistan’ will also take you down memory lane by delving deep into the history of the subcontinent. It takes a frank look (a bit too frank some may say) on certain controversial decisions and actions of people from both sides of the border during and after the partition. It even revisits Pandit Nehru’s famous speech made at the dawn of India’s independence. 

Watch this space to find out more details of this breath-taking book. It will be available on within a few weeks and on several websites like Flipkart and Infibeam within a few months. But I can assure you one thing – it’s certainly worth the wait!


Vivek Pereira said...

The book is now published and is available at Read the preview at

Anonymous said...

There seems to be already a lot of hype and hoopla over this novel. And no wonder why! I read it and-yes, it's controversial, but written really well. Congratulations to the author on writing such a masterpiece. It's quite racy and action-packed as claimed.

dorothy p said...

A great book, I presume. Vivek Pereira is truly the Indian Charles Dickens. Just waiting to grab a copy.

Anonymous said...

It’s sure to be a great book! I may not buy it still!