Saturday, November 5, 2011

Romeo and Juliet – An Updated Version for Bandraites

Juliet: (to herself) Which one of my boyfriends could it be knocking at my bedroom window at this unearthly hour? Oh, it’s Romeo!!!

Juliet: (To Romeo) Romeo, you bledy bugger – What are you up to, men? Get down from the tree before you fall and break your b…...”

Romeo: I climbest this tree to express my love for thou – a love that can survive tempests and tsunamis.

Juliet: Romeo, dearest, dost thou havest – a car, a flat, or an ipad?

Romeo: I haveth none of the above.

Juliet: Then how dost thou dare to love? Thou livest in a fool’s paradise. I cannot love thee.

Romeo: I just inherited a cool million from an uncle who passed away. He was quite a rich dude. The cash is in the bank.

Juliet: I truly love thee now, my Romeo.

Romeo: Why dost thou not respond to my SMSes, my darling? Thou knowest how much I love thee especially after thou went under the plastic surgeon’s scalpel.

Juliet: A Daniel, still say I, a second Daniel!

Romeo: I think that’s from the “Merchant of Venice”.

Juliet: Oops! I’m acting in it as well.

Romeo: Anyways, Juliet, I simply adoreth your beautiful blue eye lenses and your brown hair so immaculately dyed.

Juliet: So what shall we do now, my hero? My parents cannot stand the sight of you…I mean thou or whatever.

Romeo: Let’s run away and have a long-term live-in relationship.

Juliet: What about killing ourselves with poison?

Romeo: Okey dokey, my love. Your wish is my command.

Juliet: I was just kidding – I’m not a loser like you. Get lost, creep.

Romeo: OK. I’ll try to patao Bianca from tomorrow onwards. Any idea if she’s still single and ready to mingle.


Venessa Vivek said...

This is a truly hilarious version of a Shakespearean play. Great going, Vivek.

Venessa Vivek said...

It's funny and loveable.

Vivek Pereira said...

It's one of the best mini-plays I've written. In fact, it's the only one.

parkerd said...

QUite a romnatic bunch...crazy kids!!!

parkerd said...

Each of you guys have a crazier than thou attitude.....

Anonymous said...

What do you mean....Rob

Vivek Pereira said...

I'm finding it difficult to follow this trail of posts. It's getting a bit blurry to me.

Maurice P said...

Am I thy Monkey???

annahazare420 said...

I shall go on a fast until Juliet says yes to Romeo.

Anonymous said...

Romeo should have gone on a hunger strike till Juliet said "Yes"

dorothy p said...

Anon - That s quite a wonderful suggestion.