Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Take On The Brexit Outcome

I wasn’t surprised by the #Brexit vote at all. The Leave verdict is not as xenophobic as it has been made out to be. Perhaps a demarcation needs to be made between a vitriolic campaign of opportunistic political hawks and millions of British citizens who just wanted independence from the clutches of the European Union. Racism did play a role, but it would have been a very miniscule role, in my opinion.

Although I detest the Great Mexican Wall of Donald Trump, I did think #Brexit was not a bad idea at all for the Brits. It put their economy back in their own hands. How would Indians feel if our economic decisions were made in Kabul? Exactly. #Brexit was also a fallout of the poor handling of the economy and the result of immigration policies that put the kingdom at great risk from terrorists sneaking in from other European countries.

Great Britain and the world now need to stem the tide and ensure that opportunities are not wasted. The British government and its people can prove to the world that the #Brexit verdict was not influenced greatly by bigotry and racism. They can have a tougher yet reasonable immigration policy which screens applicants thoroughly for their propensity to commit crime or acts of terror but that does not bar them on the basis of their religion, nationality or ethnic background. The Brits need to give a big thumbs down to the likes of Donald Trump who will deliberately misconstrue the verdict of the referendum with false propaganda to gain backing for their xenophobic campaigns.

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