Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Sickulars" should take Modi's rantings on Secularism with a pinch of salt

So, Modi has expressed his commitment to uphold the secular traditions of the nation and promised to take on those who target minorities. Commendable. But ACTION speaks LOUDER than WORDS, Mr. Modi. Are these just hot air speeches that gave you the nickname of Feku? Are these just like the promises of your elusive Acchhe Din?  Yes, our growth figures have leaped suddenly in the past month after the financial base year was changed - and this change made India the FASTEST GROWING ECONOMY IN THE WORLD UNDER UPA II. And yet we all abused UPA especially YOU - in every rally, you said they had destroyed the nation - and now your own Financial Ministry indicates that UPA made India the FASTEST GROWING ECONOMY IN THE WORLD!!

Please tell us, Mr Modi, which is a lie and which isn't? Should we apologise to UPA and Manmohan Singh for having abused and ruined them electorally when in fact they handled the economy brilliantly and abuse you for abusing them - Or should we criticise you now for manipulating with financial figures to show the economy in a better light during your REIGN?

Only a few months ago, you told the Kashmir electorate not to vote for Mehbooba Mufti and her father as they were bad for the state of Jammu and Kashmir and yet you are now tying up with this "dynasty" in your hunger for power. Just another U-Turn like those Modi Sarkar has done on Black Money (an election jumla!), Aadhar Card, Nuclear deal, GST Tax and a hundreds more! And what's more in your lust for power, you are jeopardising India's security be making concession on the AFSPA Act.

That's why we need to digest whatever Modi dishes out with a pinch of salt. If he was really serious in maintaining communal harmony in the country, he would take swift action against Hindutva outfits like the RSS, VHP.and Bajrang Dal that attack and provoke minorities, atheists and secular Hindus on a daily basis. He would have had a chat with Mohan Bhagwat, Subramanian Swamy and Sakshi Maharaj and request them not to make xenophobic statements! But he has not done that.

Yes, Narendra Modi has been called "Vinash Purush" by Uma Bharati, "Maut Ka Saudagar" by Sonia Gandhi, "Butcher of Gujarat" by TMC and the ruler who was "blatantly responsible for a genocide" by M.J. Akbar, now BJP spokesperson. Let us take a look at the timeline of Modi's ascent to power:

Modi becomes an RSS leader of note and has to hide, disguise himself as a Sikh and take refuge during the Emergency

A) Modi is a key RSS figure in Gujarat which becomes bloody due to rioting (What was Modi's role in these riots and the subsequent polarisation in Gujarat?)
 B) Modi goes village to village to build a base for BJP by accepting Congress leaders who were not given tickets - Isn't this a familiar trend?
C) The Gujarat RSS and BJP leadership under Modi makes a strong pitch for the Ram Janmabhoomi temple in UP - Religious polarisation in Gujarat almost complete.

A) Modi is behind L.K.Advani's Rath Yatra which ravished the secular fabric of India
B)  The Babri Masjid is destroyed, a black chapter in Indian history, is followed by bloody riots throughout India. BJP leaders like Advani and Modi were accused of playing a pivotal role in these dark events.

Modi becomes CM of Gujarat after scheming against his mentors Keshubhai Patel and Vaghela with top national leaders of the BJP

A coach of the Sabarmati Express was attacked; nearly 60 Kar Sevaks en route to Ayodhya were burnt alive. Thousands are killed in bloody riots a few days later. These events happen under Modi's watch.

i) The Kar Sevaks were heading to Ayodhya  and they quarreled with Muslim vendors at various stations prior to Godhra. (a) The animosity was the result of the "mazdoori" put in by Modi, BJP and RSS in polarising the two communities over decades especially with the Babri demolition (b) The burning of the train was a dastardly act but it was spontaneous and not a well planned act as Modi's government purported it to be - their preposterous claims laid the foundation for the riots. (c) Modi failed miserably in anticipating and preventing the burning of the Sabarmati Express by not providing adequate security at railway stations along the route despite ample warnings from intelligence agencies. 
ii) Corpses of Sabarmati victims paraded in Ahmedabad with Modi's connivance.
iii) Persistent claims that Modi conducted 2 covert meetings prior to widespread rioting in Gujarat (a) the first meeting was with top cops telling them to go soft on Hindu rioteers - and (b) the second meeting was with Sanghi rioteers telling them to vent their feelings the next day - the day of the riots.
iv) Rioting breaks out supervised by Gujarat Ministers in police control rooms!
v) Worst case of rioting happens in Gulbarg Society - when Ehsan Jaffri, a top politican and one of the victims tried to call Modi on his personal contact number, they receive abuses and no assurances from the other end!
vi) Maya Kodnani now convicted for masterminding the Gulbarg Society attack was promoted as minister in Modi's government shortly after the riots
vii) Modi's friend-turned-foe gets shot at mysteriously and dies after he spills the beans on Modi by referring to his clandestine meeting before the riots to judges

Post 2002
i) Modi goes for an image makeover - once criticised by the business class, he used his friendship with Adani and Ratan Tata to emerge as a business-friendly leader. He starts winning elections after elections.
ii) Top cops like Sanjiv Bhatt and B. B. Sreekumar are persecuted for following their conscience during and after the riots.
iii) Witnesses of the riots are bought, threatened and coerced, and even human right activists like Teesta Setalvad are persecuted. Plenty of evidence was destroyed by the Gujarat regime.
iv) Eminent journalist M. J. Akbar, now chief spokesperson of BJP, termed the riots as "blatant" Genocide and blamed Modi squarely for it
v) Modi does good work on the ground in his home state - gets strong support from businessmen, RSS and the people of Gujarat
vi) Several fake encounter killings occur against member of minority communities with the connivance and support of Modi and Amit Shah - court cases against top Gujarat cops still endure.
vii) Modi 'Sahib' is accused of using state surveillance mechanism to snoop on a young lady; case was called off only after Modi became PM
viii) Modi dislodges Advani as PM candidate of BJP and becomes PM in 2014 winning 282 seats in Lok Sabha
ix) Hate campaigns like Ghar Vapsi and Anti "Love Jihad" launched by Hindutva Sanghi leaders against minority communities - PM Modi maintains a stoic silence.

Now, after BJP's poll debacle in Delhi, Mr. Modi had suddenly and surprising asked minorities to have faith in him, which is being considered as an encouraging sign. But considering his poor track record, I would advise minorities and Indian citizens to be a bit wary of his speech - unless if he really takes solid action on the ground. Otherwise, Modi could be just like the python hypnotising Mowgli in the Jungle Book and singing "Trust in Me."

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