Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Ministerial Slap

A deranged youth slapped the Union Minister of Agriculture and the nation was divided in its response. There were those who condemned the act unequivocally, while there were many who praised it. Anna Hazare, who has so wrongly been equated with Gandhiji, sarcastically asked why he was slapped only once, thus exposing the true colours of this cunning old man.

I have always mentioned in the Vivekean Times that one of the chief reasons I hated the movement of the hypocrites popularly known as Team Anna was because of the potentiality of violence. This act of Harvinder Singh clearly justifies my approach. In Today's Times Of India, Shobha De as a columnist virtually justified the slap on Sharad Pawar. What if people who did not approve of her writings slapped her hard in public. How would she take it?Yes, we need to reject the kind of street democracy or annarchy marketed by Team Anna. The Lok Pal movement has degenerated from an anti-corruption drive to a nationwide street brawl. Even I have received hate posts on Facebook from Anna supporters for exposing their movement. Moreover, the Sangh Parivar outfits kill minorities and initiate riots against them when they do not like their views and beliefs. Should India descend into this level of insanity?

If Pooja Mishra can get kicked out of the reality show Big Boss for pushing a man, then how can the slapping of a senior politician by an armed man be considered praiseworthy behaviour? Are we moving back into unicivilised times when they applauded gladiators as they killed each other? Or do we enjoy when a Harvinder Singh makes a fool of himself on national television. I was horrified when he had assaulted an 86-year old ex-minister who was sentenced to jail. It is shocking to learn that immediately after such an incident he was allowed by authorities to assault an even more senior politician.

I am of the view that if Sharad Pawar and Co are found to be corrupt then expose them on the national media or on social networking sites or any other legal, non-violent way. There is the RTI Act where you can expose the acts of corruption by politicians. You can contact the Anti-Corruption bodies with specific charges against these politicians. But don't get carried away by the words of BJP politicians or Team Anna Hazare especially as theirs is a world of hypocrisy and double-speak. They themselves are as corrupt as the Rajas and the Kalmadis!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey cool, man! To the point, I must say.

Vivek Pereira said...

Surprising to note that someone has rated this as a funny post. I think that this was quite a serious issue.

Anonymous said...

Hey chill out, man!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Sharad Pawar corrupt? I suppose only time will tell. In the meantime we need to keep an eye on corrupt politicians from all political parties!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW Vivek are you a Pawar supporter?

parkerd said...

Hey Vivek give us some more. It's a long time since you wrote a blog post. We really dig your wonderful blog, if you know what I mean? So, please do blog a lot more...increase the frequency, please???

Anonymous said...

That's what I've been trying to do for a very long time. I do hope you succeed.

Cheryl Coal said...

Violence turns me on. Did Sharad Pawar turn the other cheek? lol.

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Hey Garima,

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Cheryl Coal said...

It’s quite amazing that in a book of sixty pages you have a list of poems (about twenty in number), a couple of short stories and essays that take on fascists, dictators, terrorists, Maoists and communal forces. In your book “Rose Gardens and Minefields”, you have written about Indian history, the menace of terrorism, the horror of the Naxalite movement, the current sports scene in India, the nuclear issue, secularism, the hostile acts of regional parties in Mumbai, and lots more. Your book certainly rocks and so do you!!!!!