Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Hypocrisy of the Anti-Corruption Drive

Almost every Indian citizen (who can afford it) gives donations to schools and colleges for their childrens' admissions. Many buy tickets in black (at unreasonable rates) to watch movies. Many citizens bribe RTOs for fake driving licenses; while others give bribes to traffic cops and railways TCs when caught on the wrong foot. Shop owners pay haftas to cops and gangsters. Actors work in films financed by underworld gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim. These are everyday phenenomena in our motherland yet people who pay these bribes do not launch an agitation against the schools, gangsters and policemen.

In the light of this blatant and rampant corruption, and our role in it, isn't it so hypocritical that civil society is launching an all out attack on the government and judiciary when we ourselves act s irresponsibly. Let us deny our children the school we prefer, let us sacrifice the privileges and comforts we desire before putting the entire blame on the government. And let me assure you that 99% of Anna's team if not Anna himself has been involved in taking or giving bribes at one time or another. Remember this quote from the Bible - let he who has not sinned cast the first stone!!!!

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Vivek Pereira said...

Amir Khan should think how the Bollywood films are financed before supporting Anna's drive. Didn't Hollywood actors and actresses dance before Dawood Ibrahim the kingpin of the 1993 Mumbai blasts.