Saturday, July 2, 2011


(An Excerpt from my book, Rose Gardens and Minefields)

When all the world weeps in sorrow
India can wake up to a new tomorrow

She can rise steadily from the dumps
Travelling to prosperity without any bumps.

Her people can struggle to attain their goals
All of them excelling in their specific roles

Then from a period of almost certain doom
Her economy will attain an everlasting bloom

Unemployment and poverty will be forgotten terms
Success will be familiar with her companies and firms

Mechanisation and industry will scale new peaks
Thus India shall begin her winning streaks

Her army will be the most feared force
Although it shall pursue a peaceful course

The conceited nations she shall humble
From their mighty pedestals they shall tumble

Let us drink to that joyous day
When Indian policies the world shall obey

Her designs for humanity will then unfold
Even mud will shine as bright as gold

The earth shall represent a beautiful dream
Every human face will have a beam

No tears will ever flow down again
For gone will be human suffering and pain,

If such a revolution ever takes place
We shall become an admired race.

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Cool, man!!!