Thursday, June 23, 2011

The "Virtous" Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare's true colours have started to reveal themselves and this crafty leopard seems to be able to change his spots at will. He has recently commented that Pakistani-sponsored terror is not a big a deal as corruption. Isn't this insane? If our PM had said the very same thing, the opposition would have walked out and remained there for the next two years. Yet no opposition leader has criticised the "virtous" Anna for this bizarre remark.

Yes, this noble soul has recently showered praises on the likes of Narendra Modi (the Gujarati Hitler) and Raj Thackeray (the regional bigot). He has supported Baba Ramdev along with the RSS thereby giving the anti-corruption drive a saffron flavour. He has taken the support of Swami Agnivesh, a staunch supporter of red terrorists aka the Maoists. Now by belittling Pakistani-sponsored terror, and thereby mocking the victims and their loved ones as well as the brave soldiers who die in the line of duty while protecting our nation, Anna Hazare appears to be supporting all colours of terrorism - red, saffron and green!!! Yes, the Sangh Parivar outfits do indulge in acts of terrorism - the assassination of Gandhi, the Babri Masjid demolition and the Malegaon and Samjauta Express blasts are just a few examples.

Another set of questions spring to mind: Why did Anna Hazare did not fast when Mumbai was attacked? Why did he not fast when the Babri masjid was being demolished?Why did he not fast during the anti-Sikh riots? Why did he not fast when Gujarat was burning? Why did he not fast when Graham Staines and his two innocent children were burnt to death? Why did he not fast when Christians were attacked in Orissa?

I suppose only Anna Hazare can answer these questions. I still say that the Bhushans have not yet cleared themselves of tainted reputation in land scams and corruption allegations (of fixing judges) and should not be in his panel as it goes against the principle of Lokpal. Otherwise, let the other politicians be in power till they are convicted by a court of law. How ridiculous is this!!!

There does seem to be an RSS angle (and probable funding) of Anna Hazare's drive as Team Anna keeps on harping on scores of corruption  cases but not a single one in which the BJP and its partners were involved such as the Tehelka scam, the hawala scam, the coffingate scam,etc. They do not mention the Bellary brothers and their illegal mining and they do not seem to have a problem with Karnataka CM Yedyurappa who besides being involved in landscams survives as the CM only due to his horse trading skills. This clearly exposes team Anna's duplicity. By the way isn't Anupam Kher's wife a prominent BJP functionary?

Yes, the crafty Anna Hazare seems to be trying to gain power from the back door by disregarding the constitutions and its provisions to become a Musharraf-like figurehead over the PM and the president of India. It would be a coup without the involvement of the military and the legislature. So, beware fellow citizens of the wily old man and his dangerous team. In his reign (if it so happens) India would become another Pakistan where communalists and terrorists - staunchly supported by Team Anna - would become our Nazis and Taliban. Beware India....Jai Hind!!!!!


Vivek Pereira said...

I did support Anna's drive at the start but when the ulterio motives came to light I switched sides as I believe the PM is much more honest, sincere, straightforward and upright than Anna and any other member of his panel.

Vivek Pereira said...

I do believe that anti-corruption should be high on the agenda but not this way and certainly not above Pakistani-sponsored terror. Of course, if corruption aids terrorism it should be seriously dealt with - like what happened when Dawood bought off corrupt custom officials to smuggle RDX into the country.

Anonymous said...

yeah telling it like it is as always....Tussi great ho, Oh noble blogger.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? There is credible evidence of support from the ISI and the Maoists in India. Anna Hazare could be a Maoist sympathiser himself or someone involved in a "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" sort of deal." He would rather free Kasab and hang Raja going by his recent statement. Quite a shame, I tell you.

Aditi Minda said...

I am unsure what Anna Hazare's motive is for this anti-corruption movement or what he said and what he didn't outside of what I read in newspapers and blogs. All I know is that this was a much overdue anti-corruption movement and he sparked it. He forced us to think and gathered us to fight. This is not something that happened yesterday, but it has been happening for years. This is the first time some organized movement has been commenced and for that, he deserves some credit. And as much as I believe that terrorism is a big issue, it is a global issue. If we could get all the black money back to india and get it to RIGHT USE (am I asking for too much?) then I think India will surely be shining.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say Vivek but I'm terribly upset at you switching sides. No matter what Anna's past is, what his current backing is; he is doing something good & we should stand by it. If you don't like what Anna & team are doing or the way they are doing it, then are you ready to stand up & fight in their place?!
And even if, for argument's sake we say that the Saffron alliance is backing Anna, why should it make any difference as long as we are fighting for a just cause. Why is RSS/VHP not entitled to voice their opinion for fight for their rights?!
Lets look at the objective not the characters involved. I'm staunch anti-Congress but tomorrow if that party crusades for something good I will be with it, because their objective will be noble.
We should not get overwhelmed by the small things when there are grander things to be achieved.
Lastly, have you seen all the emails floating around that give details about the billions of undeclared assets of the Gandhi family lying abroad? Or the one with all the associations of the family with criminals? If you believe all this, does it look like Sonia Gandhi will ever let a "good" Lokpal bill succeed?! The PM maybe honest & sincere but the company he keeps is completely the opposite. Moreover, the PM is just a small part of the much bigger machinery yaar, the extent of his sphere of influence is inconsequential.

Anonymous said...

I think the point Vivek was trying to make was that Musharraf claimed that he was trying to clean up tha Pakistan system from corruption as a justification for taking over the country by a coup. Vivek does not want the same thing to happen to India. Is that that hard to get???!!!!