Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lok Pal and Beyond

Well now that the Lok Pal bill has been accepted by the Government, stringent efforts should be made by one and all such that corruption gets eradicated from this country. However, this battle against corruption should cover all aspects of society from donations to educational institution to chai-pani money given to Municipal clerks to even the hafta paid to cops. Can this really be achieved or would just a token heads get rolled? For now, let's celebrate the victory of Anna Hazare and his supporters.

Meanwhile in a sad development a prominent cleric was killed by separatists in the valley yesterday for protesting against the stone-pelters of Kashmir. It's sad that peaceniks of the Anna Hazare variety get killed in the valley and the nation does not unite to condemn the killing. But, on behalf of my readers and fellow citizens, I strongly condemn this dastardly act. It is brave men like these (Anna and the cleric) that have made India a great land.

And another thing, if the youth can respect Anna Hazare then they must respect Nehru, Gandhi and the other freedom fighters. I often see youngsters insulting the Mahatma with phrases like "Majboori ka naam Gandhi." This is despicable and more despicable is those who insult Nehru who laid the foundation for Modern India. And even more despicable are those who praise the likes of Modi.....but let's just leave it at that!

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