Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Fight Against Corruption

I agree whole-heartedly to the principle of Anna Hazare's efforts in pressurising the government to implement the Lok Pal bill. Yet, the method is a bit drastic although it's the Gandhian way - Fast unto death if your demands are not met.

I also have a problem with the direct threat given by Swami Agnivesh to the Government of pursuing violence if the demands were not met. He is the same guy who ensured the release of Maoist terrorists in Orissa in exchange for the release of a couple of bureaucrats. He could also hijack this anti-corruption campaign with an anti-development agenda.

There is also a danger of undermining the government, parliament and democratic institutions in the process. We should be careful that this anti-corruption campaign should be carried out without violation of democratic values. Yet, it's good to see GenerationNext participating in it. This augurs well for the future.

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