Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anna Hazare, His Shady Coterie and Misplaced Priorities

In my earlier posts I mentioned that the coterie around Anna Hazare was shady and it seems to be getting shadier by the minute with new revelations coming about alleged acts of corruption committed by the father-son duo of the Bhushan clan! Earlier, I had mentioned that it was despicable to have Swami Agnivesh there as he was a Maoist sympathiser - the same Maoists who kill innocent security personnel and villagers in rural India. When some government officials were abducted by these Maoists, Swami Agnivesh helped release dangerous Naxalites in a deal with the Orissa Government - the first such deal since the Kandahar hijacking and a dangerous precedent. So, if there's another hijacking or abduction we might have to release almost anyone because of this stupid, short-sighted deal.

And then the hunger strike was given a saffron tinge with the likes of Anupam Kher (whose wife is a prominent BJP personality) and Pritish Nandy (who regularly touches the feet of Bal Thackeray). I'm sorry I don't know much about the others, so I cannot tell about their misdemeanours, vices, and crimes.

And then Anna Hazare, himself, seems to be a fan of Narendra Modi (our Deshi Hitler) and Raj Thackeray (of the Anti-Northerner mindset). Definitely, Anna Hazare seems to have got his priorities wrong as communalism, genocide, bigotry and the like are far more serious than mere corruption.

And let's not underestimate corruption. The more corrupt we've got, the more prosperous we've become. Since the 1960's, India has prospered a lot although corruption has grown exponentially since then. It seems as if it's bribes which provide incentive to lazy workers to work in government offices. If no chai-pani expenses are paid to clerks in Municipality offices, the files will not move due to their laziness and inefficiency. Buildings will take decades to build, deserving students won't get admissions into schools or colleges and many projects will get delayed due to lack of corruption. So, just may be corruption is one of the main pillars of our democracy (the mysterious X factor) and removing it would be like chopping off the branch we are sitting on vis-a-vis the Sheikh Chilli effect. We might just need to keep this black money within our national borders and curb money laundering. That should be our priority.

Let's also ensure that Lokpal is not misused by those who wish to settle scores with honest politicians and bureaucrats (who are in a minority, I admit). Also, parties who lose out on a contract might target these innocent government servants who denied it to them on valid grounds. And one more thing, how can you prove corruption when some of the architects of this anti-corruption drive - the Bhushan duo who were allegedly caught discussing corrupt deals on a tape (and admitting it was their voices) in a phone-tapping incident, claim that the tapes were doctored in such a way to make them sound guilty. Doesn't this remind us of Varun Gandhi's defence and who believed him? And if they defend charges of corruption in such a manner, then how can anyone pinpoint similar acts of politicians and bureaucrats.

And as the Lord said - "Let him  who is without sin cast the first stone", but it looks as if the opposite has happened in this case (the most sinful are casting stones) and vested interests may be at play.

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Vivek Pereira said...

And just one more thing - Bhushan Sr got more than 200 Crore in Asset - I wonder if that's all he has got and each and every paise was earned legitimately.