Sunday, September 12, 2010

Of Errors, Falsehoods and the Da Vinci Code

There was one book published in the recent past that sparked much debate and was criticized by historians, church-goers, mathematicians, book critics, and various other tribes of mortals. The charges against the book ranged from poor research to blasphemy to church-bashing to plagiarism. There were other charges such as poor plot construction and lack of technical, historical and geographical knowledge. I have provided links to some of these articles below. Well, if you go through these list of errors and falsehoods, it looks like 99% of the book is inaccurate against the "99% accuracy" claim of the author. However, the book became a best-seller and this goes to show that well-packaged church-bashing can do wonders for an author. Before the Da Vinci Code, none of Dan's three earlier books had sold more than 10,000 copies or should I be more Brown-like and say 10 copies or no copies at all. Well, at least he did not plagiarise his work from two books of non-fiction and one book of fiction or from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." Or, did he?,2933,195875,00.html


Irwin Saldanha said...

What u say is true to a certain extent. A lot of 'facts' in the book have been proven to be falsified, or rather just fancifully exagerated; Dan himself has said that his book is a work of fiction and should not be taken as the 'gospel truth'... even though a lot of the content from the book negates the teachings of the gospels as they are known in the Christian world.

But there is one fact that cannot be ignored; this could well be the crux of the book and the main cause of the worldwide controversy - that Jesus Chirst fathered the child in Mary Magdelene's womb. Reams could be written on this argument; however for now, I would like to say that there could well be some truth to this. According to the gospels, the diciples could were supposed to have tenderly carried the holy grail containing the blood of Jesus after his death out of Jerusalem towards France. According to Dan's conclusions, the Hoy Grail is not the physical cup that Jesus drank wine from during the Last Supper, but rather a metaphor for Mary Magdelene - she is supposed to be the Holy Grail and she was carried the genesis of the Bloodline of Jesus in her womb. We would never be able to confirm the veracity of this conclusion, but it could well be true?? Even if it were true, I do not think that Jesus's divinity would in any way diminish or that his image would be tarnished. He was a great being and he has taught the world the wonders of mutual respect, tolerance and peace - traits that would make this world a better place. Praise be to Him and may His blessings be on all of us.

Vivek Pereira said...

Hmm...I'm not sure you can call it research as nothing was new in the Da Vinci Code and all that you mention is based on the Priory of Sion which was considered one of the greatest hoaxes of the twentieth century. Follow the above links to stumble upon the real truth about the falsehoods about the "Truth". BTW, thanks for all the blessings.

mackreg said...

Wow! There is so much to explore in the unknown and hidden mysterious world of the gnostics