Saturday, March 5, 2016

Gutter Level of Politics on Display in the Indian Parliament

I'm really fed up of the gutter level of politics we have seen this parliamentary session. What else can you expect when many of our MPs have been accused of murder, rape and kidnapping! We need to keep both the morons and criminals away from the sanctity of our parliament houses. Let's vote in more honest business leaders, sportsmen, social activists and broadminded people. In my opinion, our parliamentarians should be banned from debating. They should work for just 1 day per session and pass or dump bills without debate. Even the speeches of big politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Smriti Irani and Narendra Modi lacked depth, being basically 'Tu-Tu Mein-Mein' speeches laced with mudslinging and hollowness - but praised by their fans....Rahul and Modi made a feeble attempt at standup comedy, which sounded hilarious to their desperate fan clubs.

One of the gems from Rahul Gandhi was "I will speak. But they will not let me speak because they are scared. They are scared of what I will speak." Yeah, really?

Not to be outdone, Smriti defended accusations of her role in Rohit Vemula's suicide with "A mother who gives birth cannot take lives." Which judge or jury on earth will buy this silly emotional Saas-bahu type argument? It's poor defence indeed for thousands of mothers have killed people including their own spouses and children. Smriti went on to condemn a Dalit festival that celebrates a "demon " but mocks Goddess Durga, without ascertaining that a sitting BJP MP had actually attended that festival!

There is also a fallout on the JNU incident with the left being branded as "anti-national ", while they respond by calling the right "fascists" and "treacherous stooges of the British during the independence struggle". Then the right replies with the charge that many left wing politicians supported China even during the 1962 Indo-China war.

As the blame game and mud slinging goes on endlessly, the citizens of India are the ultimate losers!

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parkerd said...

I absolutely agree with this point of view.