Saturday, November 29, 2014

Special Christmas Offers: Free Novel, Lucrative Affiliate Links and More

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Here's some great news, all you book lovers, website owners, bloggers and folks searching for the perfect Christmas Gift. The Indians in Pakistan experience has just got better! Enjoy reading or gifting this exciting novel in all ebook formats for FREE. And that’s not all. There’s a wide array of attractive offers that will make your Christmas merry, bright and entertaining. You can avail them on the go – in the mall, pub or subway – or even curled up indoors on a snowy afternoon.

And here’s the list of Christmas offers hidden in Santa’s bag just waiting to help make your holidays truly special this year:

1)    Free Novel
If we told you that you could read the most exciting tale of love, adventure, betrayal and hope for Free, would you believe it? Yes, Indians in Pakistan is now available in all ebook formats – for all kinds of smartphones, PCs, tabs and reading devices (including all APPLE devices) – for Free on at After you click the Buy or Gift links to open the payment page, please enter the coupon code ZG92H in the relevant field to obtain a FREE copy of ‘Indians in Pakistan’. This offer closes on Christmas Eve i.e. 24th December 2014.

2)    Lucrative Affiliate links for “Indians in Pakistan”sales
Anybody with a blog or website will earn 82% of the royalty per ebook copy of 'Indians in Pakistan' sold through affiliate links on their site. Well, it's 11% now and as high as 82% from 1st December 2014 onwards! It can't get more rewarding than this and at no cost at all. Read this link to learn more about the Smashwords Affiliate scheme: This profitable “side income” scheme is perennial (i.e. throughout the year) and rewards you for book sales made through links on your site. Just Cut, Paste and Use the links Smashwords provides you at (Alternately, you can locate my book through the Search filter available on the Smashwords Home Page). Of course, this benefit will not apply for the above “FREE NOVEL” offer made by customers using the above coupon code till 24th December 2014.

3)    Special Discounts on Amazon and Other Online Bookstores
Enjoy up to 65% Off on purchases of the Kindle version of the novel on, and other Amazon stores. You can also download the ebook at a good bargain from Flipkart, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores. Moreover, you can get huge discounts on the PRINT VERSION (i.e. hard copy) of the book on the above Amazon stores, Flipkart, infibeam, etc.

4)    Free Preview Links

5)    Social Media Bonding
Bond with us on top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Slideshare, Goodreads, Scribd and more. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at Please feel free to Like and Share the FB page for the benefit of mankind.

Yes, ‘Indians in Pakistan’ is more than a novel; it is:

a)    A Mirror that shows the harsh reality faced by various segments of humanity

b)    A Noble Message that seeks to reform hardened terrorists and prevent potential ones from being brainwashed by sadists

c)    A Secret revealed to world powers on how to deal with the scourge of terrorism socially, diplomatically and militarily

d)    Beautiful Poetry, disguised as prose, that informs, entertains, excites and inspires

I’ll leave you with some quotes from the novel:

“Please don’t be upset. The last thing in the world I want is to see you upset and that too with me. It’s terrifying to see your beautiful eyes turn red with anger.”

“The miraculous power of love has often been underestimated just like we underestimate sleep. Most of the herculean tasks performed by men were possible because they had been deeply in love and had slept well the night before.”

“Sometimes, the thrill of an adventure vanishes shortly after the starting point is crossed.”

“It is a shame that most Olympians do not train as hard as the Lashkar jihadis whose main aim in life is to kill people.”

“Thanks for the proposal. But there is someone else whom I love dearly. I cannot say ‘yes’ to you because of him. In fact, I cannot say ‘yes’ to you because I do not love you at all. Yes, and this is not the ‘Yes’ you want; yes - I admire your skill set and your work and respect you as a person, but I do not love you.

“Let’s face it. There are good people and bad people everywhere. Illiteracy, improper education, wars, greed, corruption, social inequalities and similar factors were responsible for the majority of problems in India and Pakistan. Religious fanatics benefited from these factors and developed formidable socio-political strongholds in both countries.”

“And so we continued to live in fear, hoping that we would not get caught. Fear had become our constant companion at this dreadful Lashkar-e-Taiba camp.”

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