Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Predictions for 2014 - The Vivekean Crystal ball Speaketh

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Well, let's be optimistic when we gaze at the crystal ball. Yes, let's predict only the best for India and the world. Less crime, lower inflation, a rejuvenated economy, higher rupees, a soaring share market, higher incomes, lower taxes, less corruption, no terror attacks and so on. Hmm...this sounds more like a Utopian dream....and why not?

What could be the outcome for the Indian Lok Sabha elections in 2014?  Well, it looks like we re heading for a hung parliament and smaller parties like the AAP will play a major role in the shape of the next government. The Left parties might also make a comeback in these elections. And the Prime Minister? My prediction is that it won't be Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi. It's the crystal ball, stupid! Yes, it's quite logical that smaller parties would want their pound of flesh for support and maybe even the PM's position. So, we re looking at compromise candidates like Jayalalitha, Nitish Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal or even Naveen Patnaik.Well, sorry UPA and BJP supporters, but your unfounded overconfidence will be your downfall! Did anyone expect Arvind Kejriwal to be the Delhi CM? Seriously. Well, less support for the government at the centre can be a good thing as only sensible bills could will get passed and the authorities would think twice before doing anything immoral or unethical.

What about the Indian cricket team? - Let's forget our hockey and soccer team which are too much in focus these days - ha....India will miss Tendulkar who was an inspiration and a calming influence on the younger players. Well, Dhoni and Kohli will continue to be among the best in the world. In fact, the problem is not so much with the batting lineup as with the bowling. Ishant Sharma seems to be either getting bad advice from others and not listening to the wise ones.Our fast bowlers are not fast enough - or accurate.

And the international war on terrorists, Maoists and organised crime? Well, US itself has admitted that the Taliban will only get stronger and Al Qaeda may once again establish base in Afghanistan. The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies have changed colour once out of power and Egypt could perhaps go the Syrian way. Let's pray and hope that this does not happen. I'm not a big supporter of the Arab spring. The corrupt, mafia-like rulers like Gaddafi had kept the region stable but now one never knows what can happen there. Freedom (even freedom from corruption) does come at a bitter price. On the home front, Maoists will get wiped out as their support base is getting quickly eroded. Let's hope that this happens to the Indian Mujahideen and other domestic terror groups too.

Well, I do remember the Economy. I just paid Rs 55 for 1 kg each of onions and potatos, and only a few months ago a kg of onion had cost Rs 80 per kg. Wonders what these hoarders and black marketeers can do.This should be a sure sign that the Economy will bounce back. The monsoon was not bad and we have a talented workforce that can take on any challenges.The new RBI governor seems to be making positive decisions but will they turn around the economy? And let's reduce the price of LPG cylinders, Mr Manmohan Singh. The common man is certainly feeling the pinch.

Let me take this opportunity to wish all the readers of this blog a happy and prosperous new year and may you stick to your new year's resolution even if it is only to read my blog regularly. LOL.


Vivek Pereira said...

It would be great if you, my readers, can spread these predictions on social media and wherever else possible. I would also request you to make at least one resolution that is practical and which would be useful to you in the 'ever so overwhelming' future.

parkerd said...

The crystal ball did speaketh and how. Wow. This is quite amazing stuff.

Vivek Pereira said...

Thank you for your constant support ms parker, This blog would not have been possible without the backing of readers like you who share and contribute so much.

Anonymous said...

Great predictions by Vivek Pereira as usual.

Anonymous said...

great predictions...whew ....should post again for those that missed it earlier.