Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pranab Mukherjee: A Retrospective President

They have decided to make Pranab Mukherjee the Indian president with retrospective effect for the period 1995 - 2000! 

(An original Vivekean quote/tweet)

 Explanation: As this tweet confused people on twittersphere

Retrospective: Applying to the past (when not existing or applicable formerly.)

So, just as Vodafone did not have a tax liability for a particular period earlier but Pranab Mukherjee has arbitrarily now decided to tax them retrospectively for the said period. Similarly, we're now making him President retrospectively for the period 1995-2000 - a position he had not held earlier.


Anonymous said...

Great job. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Now I know where U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney learned the concept of retrospective (or retroactive) retirement. "Romney left Bain and went to work at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 1999 and then “retired retroactively” from Bain in 2002."

Thank you India for showing Mr. Romney the way.

Vivek Pereira said...

That's quite a novel concept too.

Anonymous said...

Thees chain is excellent!!!