Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sharmila Pataudi and the Hypocrites

Kudos to Sharmila Pataudi for calling a spade a spade! There's absolutely nothing wrong in what she said. She did say that Anna's fast was a means of blackmailing the government and she was pounced upon by the twitterati. These blind hypocrites compared it to Gandhiji and said that he too was blackmailing the British.

If it was blackmailing, then let it be blackmailing why be so hypocritical about it. And, these fools did not bother to read through her words wherein she had said that in the context of a functioning democracy and by no means was the British Raj a functioning democracy. How can any comparisons be made between these two people? The same hypocrites who use phrases like "Majboori ka name Gandhiji" are the ones who worship Anna Hazare. Gandhiji took on the might of the British Empire and then he tried to salvage Hindu-Muslim unity in India after partition once he knew it was inevitable. Yet these very hypocrites killed him for this. Their warped idea of nationhood and patriotism will destroy our motherland.

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Vivek Pereira said...

Furthermore, Gandhiji Dandi march was a million times greater than Anna's fast.A puny man had defied an act past by the British Raj.