Saturday, September 4, 2010

My First Experience at Writing

Yes, I've come a long way since I got a zero in my essay book for a topic called "My First Experience at Cooking." Well, nothing got cooked at the end and the class teacher cooked my goose in sheer disgust. But, when I read the essay later on I simply loved what I had written and couldn't believe that it had actually been written by me. I felt piqued that the teacher didn't bother to give me any marks for the brilliant use of language or my exciting literary style.

I suppose that's why so many Shakespeares and Dickens' have died in obscurity. The failure to spot and nurture talent is the biggest bane of our education system (in India) and, indeed, of our times. Preference is always given to popular people, people who got connections, and people who can talk big, instead of giving the guy with the talent a chance. This is (sadly) how the world works. Yet, stupid rules are constantly thrown at our face for justification. I know that people in companies who constantly talk about honesty and core values, and insist on strict adherence to office procedure have themselves been found lacking in this respect.

Anyways, my first experience at writing was definitely at school - If you do not count the scribblings of a toddler on cupboards and walls. Some of the essays I wrote in exam papers were excellent, to say the least. The one I wrote about Kapil Dev would cause that legendary cricketer to blush. Yes, the foundations were laid during my school days by the study of grammar, composition and poetry. Teacher Alice Carvalho was an inspiration for me as English and History quickly became my favourite subjects. Her style of teaching was brilliant and she took pains to make sure that all of us would do well in her subjects.

Then I grew up and studied at M.M.K College of Commerce in Bandra - and got lost in the world of Accounts, Economics, and Business Law. Yet, it was in this strange setting that my talent would get noticed. Unfortunately, that itself is another story altogether and it will get covered in my next post. So, like the Soap Opera lovers - The Ekta Kapoor and "The Bold and the Beautiful" fans - Live in suspense!


mackreg said...

Its a really interesting story. Keep posting

Irwin Saldanha said...

Talking of MMK college and those good old days, I dont think ur first experience was only of writing, was it??